Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Please No!

As of this typing, there is ice on my brother's scooter.


Hey, did mother nature forget what time of year it is? It's almost May! May!!! This is no time for ice! This is no time for cold!

I mean, yeah, I do stay in the house most days, but I wouldn't if it was warm! I have loved the couple of times I've moved my work to the front yard or even a park and watched the kids play. But it seems for every day it's possible to spend in this manner, we get a week of sweatshirts and shivering.

And another thing! Market starts in about two and half weeks. Market means getting up at six on Saturdays to eat a bit, make sure everything's gathered and out to the car, pick up a friend, cut roses, and head off to the park to set up in early morning sunshine (assuming there is sunshine), where we then sit for several hours. Are you telling me I'll be sitting in the cold? I don't like being cold.

I haven't been working on my fingerless gloves because I've been assuming it would warm up. I never managed to make a new hat either. I do have blankets and even a fur cloak, but that's a lot of extra to carry and I can never get anything done when all wrapped up. Plus no one wants to wander and shop at leisure when the weather is cold. Bleh.

In unrelated news, my mother is biking for seven hours today and has commandeered the TV, meaning I either get to watch Gone With the Wind or I can pump music into my ears via headphones.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


"Mom, why isn't the printer working??"

"Well, have you plugged it in?"

*blink blink*


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I keep saying this stuff about "updating my blog" and "being interesting" and all that stuff. Well, really, I WILL. I'm... I'm working on it. You know. Working. On it. Like a lot.

"Please don't tell me you haven't memorized your part yet."
"Sorry. I haven't."
"Joss! How can you possibly go through life like this? You're late to important meetings, you don't listen to instructions, you don't finish any of your work... what am I going to do with you?"
"Fire me! Oh please, Megan, please fire me!"

The problem is that I've finally learned to Be Efficient and Get Work Done, so instead of goofing of by writing blog posts or short stories or starts of stories or anything I'm actually working. I'm doing at least 5-6 hours hours of work every day, and when 'work' means 'sitting in the same position while knotting little threads over and over and over,' it is not only sometimes tedious but painful. But still! And then there's the picture taking, and the internet stuff, not to mention that I am an unpaid Mother's Helper to my mother...

Then it gets to be after ten or eleven at night. As those on the Board Board know, I get a little loopy and/or incoherent after nine. So here I am, making stupid decisions because I'm loopy (not going to bed is one of those stupid decisions), and I think to myself, "You know, I'm really not that tired or anything. I should... write stuff! Yeah! Like, blog posts and crap! I need to get a lot of writing done if I ever want to have a presence on the internets again, and having a presence on the internets is very important in this day and age..." Thankfully I am much smarter in the morning, though being smarter means I end up having nothing to post.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cat Charms!

I have a page for the custom orders I have done, to show prospective customers what I can do. So I figured I should have a page for the charms I have in stock, so that people can choose charms too! But I have too many to put on one page and still have it be at all reasonable, so I'm splitting it up.

Here are the cat charms I have:

I tried several things to put numbers to each of these but have failed thus far, so if you want one of these, it will have to be a "this many from the top" kind of affair.

Monday, April 05, 2010


I wonder, now, if any of my old readers have held on this long. I mean, for me, when someone quits writing I forget about their blog but keep it in my reader, so if they do ever start up again I do see it. "Oh yeah," I say, "that person exists." So I suppose that unless people do spring cleaning, I'm still hanging around. At least for those who use reader or something like that.

I returned to my blog here for several reasons. One: I have a topic! I'm pretty dang excited to announce that we're going to Provo's Farmers Market again this year, and this time we'll start at the start (May 15) and go to the end (October sometime I think) and we'll even have a permanent stall!

Which brings me to number two: Holy crap I have to work my butt off this month. The store averages less than $100 a month, and even last month, a huge upswing in sales, only got us $161. And that's before fees and tithing and such. And the monies for Market are due the 30th of this month, and it's $375. ...yeah.

Number three: Die-hard friends and readers of mine will know that I love to complain. Well, for once it isn't about being sick! I spent all afternoon and evening working on bracelets, and I don't mean making them. I only worked on actual knotting before noon. Then I set out all my bracelets, recorded how much I was selling them for, counted and recorded every single knot in every single bracelet, and used this knowledge of knots to work out how much the bracelets should be if I want to have the price cover both the cost of the materials and pay me $4-$5 per hour. Yeah, that's right, $4-$5 per hour. Fun fact: my biggest bracelet, now priced at $20, has over 1100 knots. Yowza.

Number four: You should totally buy bracelets from me. 'Cause they're awesome. And, as I mentioned, I need the money.

Number five: I believe this is easily known by now, but I'll say it anyway: I'm hoping to use this blog to get more customers to my shop and/or booth. Aside from earning the $375 this month, and then earning that and hopefully more over Market, I really really want to show my brother that I can earn money doing this. He's been very annoyed by me not getting a 'real' job.

That's all for now, I suppose. Hopefully I'll get my book/writing blog back up too; I miss writing!