Monday, July 27, 2009

You Guys!!

You guys! I cut my hair off! Well, I mean, I paid a stylist to cut it off. And it's not all gone. But still!

Before today, I had never cut my hair above my shoulders, and I always had the longest hair out of the girls in the family. Today, when she cut it above my shoulders and asked if that was good, I asked her to cut it shorter! And now, if we're talking proportionally, I about have the shortest hair of the girls!

It's short, you guys! And it makes me look younger! Which might be a bad thing, considering the 16-year-old that was flirting with me the other day! But oh well! It's cute!

I'm kinda excited!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magnetic Poetry

"blue chocolate glass"

"they were able through water and blood through innocent song and wonderful bloom to believe the moon & buy the sky"

"our siamese steal always is heaven in velvet"

"though blues they are my wants never embrace it"

"a midnight kiss feeds my emotion we sing & have the world"

"she had a bowl of peace and light"

"I want to almost look"

"so thick after shadow so hard above days"

"sleek hiss I let her stalk"

"ever at home not sofa that guy of cool humor no jazz by which we lounge"

"your brother means life"

"their night can take two cigarettes"

"coolish lad hunts love"

"they marry neon yarn here"

"little shimmer across life"

"kind felines sit by this chap"

"sweet heart will dream & endure she has quiet power"

"you overwhelm me charm me you love my friend"

"silver word with easy love"

"enjoy the sacred goddess language"

"always one strong companion"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Farmers Market!

Note to self: put new batteries in camera before next Saturday.

My friends, canopies that advertise themselves as 'easy up' are LYING to you. LYING. They say you only need two people, and you just get it out, jiggle it until it opens, put the top on, extend the legs, and voila! a canopy. But that is not how it goes. First you get it out. Then you pull with all your strength, switching off legs, until you think it is out correctly. Mostly. Then you extend the legs. Then you realize that you should have put these tent pole things in the circle thing before you extended the legs. Then you borrow a stepladder and try to put the tent pole things in the circle things. Then you contemplate calling the aunt who loaned you the canopy and insisted it would be a snap to set up. Then you give up and lower the legs. Then all three of you (did I mention there were actually three people there, not the normal two? So this should have been easier than claimed, right?) take turns trying to put the tent pole things in the circle thing without breaking them, and by some miracle the last one to try manages to do it. Then you extend the legs again. Then you realize that the top things extend too, and exert some muscle there as well. Then you have to position it where you want it, since it has traveled considerably from where you put it to begin with.

Then you spend the whole day shifting yourself and/or the canopy to try to stay out of the sun.

Sigh. Well, it did keep me from getting sunburned, I suppose, and it kept Tucker from dying. Note to self: remember to bring a cooler for the food so Tucker can't eat it. And it protected poor Dano, whose medication makes him very susceptible to sunburn. And it provided shade for the few customers who came to our booth at the Farmers Market.

Ah, we made a few dollars. Enough to treat ourselves to SubZero ice cream after, and still have enough to buy more supplies. I am a little sad that no one wanted to buy the roses... but Lissi did say, when she finally came, that she wouldn't have put most of them up for sale. My knotted bracelets were a big hit... but that means that I have to work hard this week to make more. Ah well. I got myself into this.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that y'all should come down to Pioneer Park next Saturday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm (the earlier the better, if the heat is anywhere near that of last Saturday) and pay us a visit. I won't even make you buy anything!


Bob, maker and seller of friendship bracelets, illuminated pages, and hot pillows; teamed up with Lena, maker and seller of crocheted things, and Lissi, maker and seller of cross stitched things and wish bracelets, and writer of signs because she's much better at calligraphy than I am.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's New?

Here are some things that, if I weren't so lazy, would have gotten full post treatment when they happened. Now, I'm just going to do them in list format. You may not be entertained, but at least you'll be informed!

My parents spent last weekend in California for some sort of conference, leaving me in charge of everyone. When they came back, I handed out awards to my sibings:
Boo and Ty got the Complainers award
Siri and Boo got the Drove Me Up the Wall award
Boo got the Helpful award
Random and Dex got the Very Helpful I Owe You Lunch award

Random, Ty, and my mother are training to walk a marathon. I have yet to be able to do a half-hour workout three times a week.

My mother's leg muscles are intimidating.

Tucker has had his last kitten-visit to the vet. Not only has he had all of his shots, he is also now unable to procreate. Yay!

Tucker cried almost nonstop for the first few days after we got him. Then he seemed to entirely forget how to make noise - not a growl, mew, meow, or cry. He'd purr occasionally, but that was it. If he wanted food, he would stare at his dish and attack us as we came in. If he was lonely, he'd throw himself against the door. Now that he's been neutered, he's rediscovered his voice, and uses it to order playtime, food, and help.

Caiti walks! She still uses crawling as her main mode of moving, but her walking is good enough that she no longer looks like she'll fall over every time she takes a step. We went to the waterpark a few days ago, and she could even make her way across the grass with relative ease.

I have finally acquired the California address of Goober, my dear departed friend.

Random and I are working several hours a day preparing to have a booth at the Farmers Market.

I will be having a recital before I leave for Florida. You are all invited!

I plan to cut my hair really short before I go to Florida. How short? Well, I'm going to tell the stylist (my cousin who has done my hair before and has my trust) to cut it off as short as will look good.

If anyone wants to give me a gift, look for the game Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. I played it with some of my brother's friends on the Fourth, and I think it was great fun.

I had better get off now. I have bracelets to make, a room to clean, and voice lessons to prepare for.

Friday, July 03, 2009


"Prince and Paris, huh. You know, I think there should be a law against celebrities naming their own children. And Mormons too. Well, not that it should be illegal for them to name their own children, but that they should have to go through some sort of submission process."

"Yeah. And then we wouldn't end up with names like Renesmee."

"Oh... oh yes. Sweet Stephanie Meyer, what have you done to our culture?"

So on the way home from work, we were discussing what certain names would have been/would be if a Bella/SMeyer way of thinking were behind them.

Me, a girl: Marlene

Me, a boy: L'ray

My son: Freff, Alice (a surprising number of guy-name-mashups came out sounding like girl's names), Nalex, Alaniel

There were no interesting daughter names, sorry. We were using the names of guys I knew and it was possible for me to marry (ie, they're single and my age), and I only knew the name of one mother of one of these guys, and her name is the same as my mother's so that wasn't fun at all.

Also! We were at Wal-Mart and came upon a group of girls dressed in matching gold and red uniforms. Cami shrieked. The girls burst into laughter (meaning giggles; these are teenage girls we are talking about). As we continued on our way, for the next several minutes we could hear the story being retold (one girl would shriek, and the others would all start laughing) and we saw a couple of girls on the floor, they were so overcome with mirth. During the rest of our trip, any red-and-gold girls we saw anywhere in the store would burst into giggles. Fun times.