Friday, December 31, 2010

She's Mad At Us

This is Bamboo.

She's not the happiest of kitties right now.

First of all, something bit her and created an oozing sore that got blood all over Melissa's sheets.

Then we took her to the vet, got the area shaved and cleaned, and put a cone on her head.

You decide which one of these incidents was the most obnoxious to her.

Me, I'm just going to nurse the scratches on my hand and giggle as she catches the cone on things.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Does No One Agree With Me?

I am not feeling well, and as some of you may know, when I don't feel well I whine A LOT. I've actually done it so much that I am sick of whining about the pains in my tummy and need something else to complain about. So! I'm going to complain about things in my shop that I really like but that haven't sold (or at least not as well as I want them to).

This bracelet was the second one I made of this pattern, but it was supposed to be the first. However, I didn't have enough black thread when I first set out to make this bracelet and ended up making one with a white background. Only later did I make a black one. I liked both of these bracelets so much, and they have been so popular with others, that I have made them two of the few permanent friendship bracelets in the shop, listed as made to order and always relisted when sold.

My problem is that everyone buys the white one. I mean yeah, the white one is awesome too. But the black one? This bracelet is awesome. I chose fantastic colors, if I do say so myself, and they almost glow against the black. But let's go to the scoreboard:

White: 4 sold, 1 requested as a gift, 1 traded
Black: 1 sold

This was pretty much the first bracelet I listed on Etsy. Or at least one of the first three. It got a lot a views and a lot of hearts compared to the rest of the shop. It was rather well made even compared to my knotting now. When market season started it was taken off Etsy and put in our market discount bowl because it was older and had been made back when I knotted both ends of the braided ties.

I still have it.

I admit that this one here could be a picture problem. I have been unable to take good pictures of the any of the seasons bracelets despite several attempts. Hmm. I haven't tried in a while. Maybe I should try again. Or maybe I should give up on these ones. But... but... I likes them!