Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey, guess what! I have another blog!

See, I've been thinking about putting book reviews and stuff like that on here, but then decided that I needed a hobby, so I made a blog entirely dedicated to books. Yes I did.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Never Give Me Your Money

Hello, audience! Glad you're here tonight! I hope you're having a good time!

Could someone please call my sister
Who has tons of cash and owes me a favor or two
I'm really hurting for spending money.
There's a sale this weekend
At the Bookstore, and I just don't have enough
Books overflowing from my room's bookshelves

Please, I promise I will pay you back
And remember all those dinners I bought

Tell me am I right to think that there could be nothing better
Than giving me some cash so I can gather more books together.

I feel I must interject here
You're getting carried away imagining books you could buy
With all the money that, you know, is mine.
So let me remind you, sister,
That I might want to purchase some new books myself
And you bought new books last week with birthday money.

So just hand over my piggy bank
But I want more books! I don't have enough

Tell me am I right to think that there could be nothing better
Than giving me some cash so I can get more books together.
You have so many books that they are piled up on your carrel
But my room is quite bare and having more books would suit me well.

I admit that I have spent a lot
But I need to expand my library.
Sis, you're the one with the steady job
Let me use my money for me
Just for me.

Sung to Nothing Better by The Postal Service

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Am So Full Of Drugs It Is Not Even Funny

However, that does not mean that you are entitled to a loopy, half-asleep post. I may have four different allergy drugs and some pain reliever in my system, but I will prevail! And will my eyes please quit itching!

Today we talk about... siblings.

We talk about Caiti, who doesn't like to go to sleep when she could be fussing.

We talk about Siri, who is definitely getting into trouble on purpose today.

We talk about Boo, who tried to take a half hour bath/shower, using up all the hot water and forcing me to write this post while I wait for enough water for me to take a bath.

We talk about Bamboo 7, who has been mildly annoying when he's been around. Thankfully, he's decided to wander off.

We talk about Random, a.k.a. the girl I have not seen since I got home three hours ago.

We talk about Patsy, who is turning 16 tomorrow, and is quietly playing DS after heroically getting the fussy baby to go to sleep.

We talk about Draik, who is actually showing his I'm-not-really-a-jerk side, and is quietly playing EV Nova and helping me yell at Siri.

Yes, we talk about all these people, and remember that I love them, I love them, Ilovethemilovethemilovethem, even when they act like brats, even when they won't shut up, even when they mess-and-run, and especially when they suddenly act like the mature guys they are (in the case of my two oldest brothers).


Gotta run.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have fallen in love with Pandora Radio all over again. They have MOTAB stuff! And all sorts of nice church-y music I can listen to while I lie here half asleep due to allergy medicine. I just wish they had more MOTAB. But it's getting there. Man, I love this thing.

You want to know something? Allergies stink. I missed three days of work last week due to allergies. (And a cold, too, but whatever.) And now today I was all ready to wear a pink rose in my hair and be all cute at church, but then my eyes decided to rebel and I'm lying on the couch instead.

I'm asleep... which makes me wonder how I'm still typing this.

Ah. Listening to good choirs makes me so happy.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bob Says Stuff II

My eyes itch.

I hate being sick.

I don't think I've slept that much in one day since I was a baby.

I sometimes actually get work done when I'm writing with Hobbes.

Caiti doesn't like getting shots.

What shall I eat for dinner? Everyone is having pizza. I can't have pizza. I've been almost three weeks without wheat...

I really, really, really like to read.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

For Once, It's Stupid Pedestrians

WELL! Y'all should feel lucky that I'm willing to sit here and blog after the amazing and exciting day I've been having! (With perhaps more excitement to come!)

Item number one: My alarm was set for 7. When did I get up? 8:10. Not only did I have a doctor's appointment at 9:20, but I had to get my dad to work and go to an ATM first. And, of course, we got out of the house late.

Item number two: I hate that crosswalk, the one between the WILK and the law building parking lot. I mean, all the crosswalks on campus are things to be wary of, but this one is particularly bad. Here's a tip: If the red hand is flashing, don't start crossing unless you're doing it at a dead run. Today a girl started crossing when the hand had been flashing a few times, and was therefore only halfway across when the light turned green. I honked at her, at which point she looked up and started walking a little faster. I then hurried across before the guy who followed her across, despite the fact that hand had stoppedflashing, could get in front of my car. 'Kay, people, this isn't just annoying and selfish, this is flippin' dangerous. A few months ago, a little girl nearly got hit by a car because her mother unthinkingly followed some students who were crossing against the light.

Item number three: I had a doctor's appointment in Orem. What happens when bob leaves the safety and familiarity of Provo? That's right, class, she gets lost! Every blasted time! At least I was only 20 minutes late...

Item number four: I finally get to work, over two hours late and feeling like I'm about to throw up, and the fire alarm goes off! Actually, this was funny, especially since this was the second time it had happened that morning. I got to exchange a few words with my dad and... um... pace...

Item number five: There I was, sitting in my room having some quiet time, and I hear my sister Siri start screaming outside. I jumped up, put on shoes, and went outside. Poor dear got stung, and had to be carried inside, hushed, and told to hold some ice in a cloth over her finger. And then she fell asleep. : D

It wasn't really that bad of a day, actually. The crosswalk thing really upset me for a while, but 's all good. As long as it doesn't happen again.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Second Archive Post of the Day

Board Question 6961
Posted: July 29, 2004

From time to time, the Board Writers have found themselves defending Utah Mormons, often because one or more of them is/are one/some. Sometimes they are unwilling, as was Cognoscente in Board Question 43460 ("There goes all my rebel street cred"). However, unlike that question and many others along the same lines, #6961 is an understanding, rational, more-or-less unbiased review of Utah Mormons done by a Utah Mormon. Lovely Rita knows that some Utah Mormons need to get their act together, but she also knows that it is these few who are giving the rest a bad name, and on the whole, Utah Mormons are a good bunch, if a bit more conservative than usual.

I myself am a Utah Mormon, from Happy Valley (Provo), in fact. Yet I believe that I am not really part of the stereotype. This is probably largely due to the fact that while my father lived in Orem all his life, my mother was a Californian. We do take things like modest dress, swearing=bad, and other things for granted, but we don't eat Jell-O in excess, turn away from people drinking Coke, or snub people of other faiths. In fact, some of our good friends are from Christ Evangelical Church.

I like this question because, for once, a reader was writing in to show that they can be rational, write well, and have a well-based opinion. It sometimes seems that only the angry write in to the Board. Clear thinking is much appreciated, and as we know, angry people are not always wise.

Also, I must laugh with Eowyn at this sentence: "...you have to resort to chastising people for drinking caffeine-free Coke (for it is like unto regular Coke)."

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

Today is my birthday! I am 20! No longer a teenager!

It was an exciting day, with me somehow ending up looking very cute for church, which produced lots of compliments; my birthday was announced in Sacrament Meeting, since I'm the chorister; I got to eat a really nice dinner (thanks mom!); and I've been happy birthday'd to within an inch of my life. 'S good stuff. Oh, and I got a kiss... a chocolate one. : D

Yep, sweet twenty and never been kissed. Ah well, it's sure to happen someday.

One last thing - who would have thought that the word 'pulchritude' meant 'beauty'? Or that mine was stunning? Not me.