Friday, October 31, 2008

Hi Baby!

I never thought this would be something to make Caiti cry. Her being tired, yes. Her seeing mother walk past without picking her up, yes. Being picked up and nearly dropped by her four-year-old sister, yes. But not this.

She's bored right now, crinkling my rice crispy treat wrapper and talking at the door. But a little while ago, she was upset. Upset because I plugged in my laptop.

Why is this upsetting? She's lying right next to the cord, and discovered that, if she pulled on the cord, it would come away from the laptop and she could put the end in her mouth. I quickly put a stop to this. So she cried.

She cried because I took away the laptop cord. I still can't believe this.

And now, because I know you would all rather look at a picture of her than listen to me calmly wonder about her preferred entertainment:

One Short Day

...until NaNoWriMo!

And yet this is a day in and of itself, of course. October 31st is more than the day before NaNo, it's also Halloween! Which means I am dressed medievally, have actually made an effort with my hair (resulting in one curl), and I'm carrying around my guitar and talking in an accent (when I remember). And I actually look quite good. I would post a picture, but alas, I am unphotogenic in the extreme. And I can't find my camera hook-up thing.

In other news, college students are lame. The costumes out here are few and far between. Over at the Bookstore the employees who dress up get goodies, and even then not everyone dressed up - maybe half. LAME. : P

Also, my coworkers are planning to mug me for the money I have earned singing/am just carrying around to make it look like I've earned money singing. This is not happy, as one of them is a Greek goddess and the other is an FBI agent. I will have to watch my back.

Days to NaNoWriMo: 1

Donations: $0

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Sorry I'm So Good

Sometimes people hate me, and all I can say is, "It's not my fault I'm good at tests."

I've always been good at multiple choice tests. Well, not always everything. My first failed test ever was an easy one for my Bio 100 class. But the hard tests, the ones that count - that's where I really shine. Take my ACT for example. I only had one shot (well, I could have done more, but it was already the end of my senior year) and I didn't really study for it. Usually this would stress me out, causing a lower score. But I pulled out a 30.

Yeah, I almost lost a friend over that one.

Lately, it's been the midterm for my D&C class. I've stayed out of the conversations, but I know the complaints: it's too hard, there's no way anyone got much above passing, I studied for ten hours and still bombed, he should grade on a curve...

I studied for four hours on Friday, the only studying I did aside from doing the reading and taking notes in class (I never even read my notes). Result? An 82%. And the class average is 78%. Not too shabby.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Out of Control

"I'm sorry. But the truth is, I'm frightened."

"Of what?"

"Of myself. Do you know how terrifying it is to be unsure of what you're going to do next? For your mind to be at the mercy of your body, instead of the other way around? And then to see the look on people's faces when they notice something's wrong with you?"

"No. No, I don't."

"And it's never fully gone. Maybe I'm not always on the brink of hysteria, but there's the headaches and the nausea and the lethargy... I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I've frightened you. I'll quit talking about it."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Caiti Takes the Keyboard

b trffvrf tmj kn dsacdxp/
. l,?.
?;.,/;lkm,. brye //klkokl//

wZ8 hh cxccvfv

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes I like telling people that they've failed.

I'm not a mean person, I promise! But sometimes people don't seem to realize that they're batting zero. I consider it my right, my duty, to inform them of this fact.

Take the road in front of the MOA - the one way road between the actual building and the parking lot. Do you hear me? One way. One way. ONE FREAKIN' WAY. Two lanes, one way. This is apparently very hard for several drivers to grasp. Either that, or they're lazy and would rather risk an accident than go a little out of their way to get to a free parking spot. And they are risking accidents. Yeah, I check for other cars before driving or stepping onto the street, but when I see them to the left of me, I assume they will turn left, considering the one way street thing. And if they don't, it's an out loud "You fail! F minus minus!" from me. Or my dad. Or both of us.

And then there's that crosswalk between the WILK and the law building parking lot (yes, I know I've talked about it at least once before). I'm almost ready to believe there's something in the sidewalk there that either slows down certain brain functions or instills a strong, hopefully temporary disregard for everyone aside from oneself. This results in much crossing at the wrong time. Starting just before the little green dude comes on I can handle, and starting after the hand starts flashing is okay as long as you hurry (and the hand has only flashed once or twice) - in fact, I've done this myself. *gasp* Crossing when the light is green is when I'm not shy about telling you that you've failed, and Dragon Lady and Laser Jock apparently agree with me on this.

To quote Laser Jock - "many dead pedestrians had the right of way." And, may I add, many more dead ones didn't and crossed anyway. And even those who don't die get a stern "Failure!" from me.

But failure is not confined to the realms of driving and crossing the street! I'm quite fond of pointing out hymns sung way too slowly, inept flirting attempts, and bad haircuts; I gleefully shot out "You fail!" when I spot someone tripping or dropping something; my sarcastic clapping is surpassed only by my entirely fake "good job..."

Well, maybe I am a mean person. Sometimes.

Days to NaNoWriMo: 12

Donations: $0

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Getting Closer...

I'm so excited about NaNo! Still! I've been getting all my homework done so I won't have to do any frantic catch-ups in November, I'm wearing my NaNo shirts at every opportunity, and whenever anyone mentions the month of November I say something about NaNo.

Not everyone around me is as excited as I am, and that's okay with me. But even if you're not excited, wouldn't you like to support me? And in the process, support the wonderful Office of Letters and Light?

The Office of Letters and Light is a non-profit organization that runs NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy, with adult and youth programs for each. They have a lending library - electronics they can send to NaNo writers so they can participate - and put together packages for classrooms so teachers will be able to help their students write a novel. They have also helped build libraries for children in Southeast Asia.

Oh, and one more thing - they're usually strapped for cash. Being a non-profit does that, I hear. They're not going to give up, and they certainly have the passion, and drive to make it work no matter what happens. But every little bit counts. I personally have been doing my best to help through donations during the months of November and April (Script Frenzy month), but as a student with a part-time job, a fondness for potato chips, and an addiction for buying books, there's only so much that I can do. On the other hand, considering how much I have done (over $200 dollars this year), I figure others can at least help a bit.

So I have set up a site where you, my dear dear friends and comrades all, can help OLL by donating. It is, of course, tax deductible and all that, and I can personally guarantee* that whoever donates will be happier, healthier, and more good looking. Also, I will love you. : D

So... go do that. Please... : )

Days to NaNoWriMo: 16

*I cannot, of course, guarantee this, but it's a nice thought, don't you think?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

She cries.

I'm trying to ignore her, really. She's not just crying, she's talking too. Oh, there she goes, sucking her fingers again. She rocks her head from side to side, trying to decide if she should watch mother on the bike or ANTM. More talking. More squeaking. More sucking on fingers. A small squeal. Oh, now she talks to me, wondering why I'm not picking her up and cuddling her. Well it's 'cause I'm working on my laptop, and it's very hard to type with someone in my lap!

She doesn't understand. She's unhappy. And I'm hungry.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No, I'm Not a Stalker

I just keep ending up behind people.

When classes started, I noticed that two of my friends (who don't know each other) had a class in the same building I did the same time I did, and that another friend (who knows both of the two friends previously mentioned) had a class in that building the hour after. You might think this means I talk to my friends a lot. Nope. It means I see them.

And, for some reason, they don't see me. I once followed one of the two friends halfway across campus before she noticed me. Another time I walked beside her for several minutes before she noticed me. Another time she and the friend that has a class after saw each other, hugged, said hi, etc., but neither of them noticed me. Today the same thing happened. I was again not noticed, and I followed the friend for a while before noting that my two friends were walking by each other - the ones who don't know each other. I thought this was funny, so I walked up beside one of them, said hi, and had a conversation - without being noticed by the other friend.

You may think this discourse is a complaint and/or a sign that maybe, I don't know, I should say something to my friends since I notice them and they don't notice me. Well, it's not either of those things. I just wanted to point it out. I find it hilarious.

And I don't think any of the three reads my blog, so none of them will ever know.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Goals for 2008

I recently ran across a Word document where I had typed all the goals I wanted to accomplish this year, and was once again reminded that while a goal not written down is merely a wish, a goal written down and not looked at is merely forgotten.

There are, however, some that I can still achieve.

Win NaNoWriMo again - this is the only one that I couldn't have been working on and therefore I am guilt-free in this small area.

Get at least one short story off to publication - meaning I send in at least one story to at least one publisher. A pretty small order, actually. Should be possible in the three months I have left...

Finish fifth draft of War story (last year's NaNo) - Okay, actually, this one isn't really possible, I don't think. Considering I never finished a second draft... well, maybe I could change this one to finishing a second draft.

Have forty hymns memorized by the end of the year - I used to have 25 memorized. I've forgotten several verses here and there. It's probably possible to re-learn those and learn 15 more.

Write two completely original songs - hm. I forgot I wanted to try my hand at composing...

Everything else is either impossible (deadline already passed) or technically impossible (something I was supposed to be doing every day/week/year/semester all year). I suppose I could do them from now on.

Next year, I'll remember to actually look at my goals from time to time.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Secret Mission

Several high school students have been kidnapped at one in the morning (with their parent's permission), blindfolded, and brought to the home of the current drama president. Only a few minutes later a knock sounds at the door. One of the kidnappees is led to the door. "She will need to be able to see," said low, near monotone voice. The girl's blindfold is removed, and she is confronted with a tall figure in a black cloak, the hood pulled up so werf's face cannot be seen. The figure hands the girl a note.

As Drama President, you need to know a secret that few others know. However, it is not knowledge that will be handed to you – you must prove you are ready. Go with the one who gave this to you, and good luck.

The girl agrees, and follows the figure out to a van parked on the other side of the street. She opens the passenger door and sees another note.

Congratulations for trusting a faceless, cloaked stranger. This stranger will eventually help you find me, the Theater Ghost. For now, you must go CONTENT OVERPOWER. Don’t forget to go underground.

"Here's a waterbottle for you, and help yourself to grapes and chips," the cloaked stranger says. "Now, where are we going?"

"Where are we going?"

"Yes. You need to tell me where we are going."

The girl looks at the note. "Content Overpower?"

"Where is that?"

"I don't know..."

The stranger hands the girl a pencil. "You'll need this."

Several minutes later, the girl is still confused. The stranger has been calmly munching on grapes, but finally decides to help. Werf takes the pencil and the paper, writes "PROVO," and crossed out the letters p, r, o, v, and o in the phrase "CONTENT OVERPOWER."

"Oh!" says the girl. And a moment later: "Go to the Provo mall."

The stranger starts the car and begins driving. "Where at the Provo mall?"

The girl considers the paper for a while, then says, "The underground parking."

As the stranger drives, werf turns on some music - very quietly. It's nothing the girl has ever heard before, but the stranger sings along.

They pull into the underground parking, where another cloaked and hooded figure waits. The girl gets out of the car and approaches the figure, and is handed another slip of paper. She returns the the car, which the stranger has put into park and turned off.

You have succeeded the first time – are you thinking this will be easy? Let’s see if you’re right. The next place you must go is a building with thousands of stories.

"The library."

There seems to be a bit of a problem at the library. The stranger pulls into the parking lot, drives through it, goes out onto the street, pulls into the other parking lot, drives through it, pulls into the street, drives across the front of the library again... the girl is getting nervous. But as they pull into the first parking lot again, yet another cloaked stranger appears. The girl gets out of the car and is handed another slip of paper.

I believe it is becoming apparent to you that I have many helpers. As Drama President, you will be one of them. I could do everything by myself, but it is much easier with good help, which I intend for you to be. Down Bulldog Blvd. is a store – not the department store, the one with an e.

The girl is confused, so the stranger heads for Bulldog Blvd. and begins driving along it. "What stores are here?"

"Oh! Macey's!" the girl says suddenly.

Another stop, another cloaked stranger, another note.

My helpers must be clever, and you’re proving yourself to be so. I hope you realize that you must also be able to keep secrets, for my identity is a closely guarded secret and cannot be revealed to the undeserving. To get one step closer to knowing my identity, go swing on a swing in a park. Which park? The one Utah’s ancestors inspired.

"Pioneer Park," the girl says confidently.

While driving, the stranger gets a text message. Then werf misses a turn, then drives past the park, then finally gets on the right road and begins looking for parking. This time, as the girl gets out, the stranger turns off the car and follows.

By the swing is another clocked stranger, with yet another note.

You have done well, and are almost at the finish. Now you must find another park, one not so well known. Eleven fifty SHOUT.

The girl knows what to do when she gets back to the car; she picks up her pencil. "What's at 1150 South?" she asks a moment later.

The stranger doesn't respond, only begins driving. They're getting close when the stranger's phone rings. The car is quiet enough that the girl can catch some of the conversation caller's words - something about being pressed for time, and how close the stranger was to being done. It's a quick call. "Big Mama says hi," the stranger says while dialing another number. Werf then relays a change of plans - "Follow us back to Lisa's house."

They pull into the parking lot of a small park, which the stranger calls Footprinter's. A car turns on and the stranger drives away with the other car following.

Soon they are back where it all started. The girl starts to get out, but the stranger tells her to wait. Werf then goes across the street to the other car, talks to someone over there for a moment, and starts coming back with someone else.

When the girl goes back inside the house, she has met the Theater Ghost and gained some instructions. She wonders what on earth she has gotten herself into.

Saturday, October 04, 2008





I really need to find some more names for angels. The demons and humans are beating them handily.

Friday, October 03, 2008

It's October. Do You Know What That Means?

I'll tell you what that means. It is now, officially, Preparing for NaNoWriMo Time.

And I'm excited. Boy, am I ever excited. Ever since I learned about it last year from the 100 Hour Board (see this question), I have loved NaNoWriMo. I love taking a month to write a 50,000 word novel. I love the inspiration that comes from wanting to write close to 2000 words a day. I love the word wars. I love updating several times a day and watching the little bar fill up. I love the T-shirts and stickers and posters, too.

Of course, that means there will be some changes in my behavior in person and online. People who try to talk to me will likely have a "can't talk, noveling" sign waved in his or her face. My eyes will rarely focus on anything (aside from my computer screen), choosing instead to stare off into space as scenes play across my mind. Once someone manages to get me into a conversation, it is likely I will interrupt it with sudden bursts of inspiration. I will talk to myself as I cross campus. People trying to IM me may or may not be responded to. My Twitter updates will probably have to do with my frustration with non-existent people. Friends will be ignored unless they come bearing gifts of junk food and hot chocolate (my substitute for coffee) or are willing to help with plot problems.

But this doesn't mean I won't be any fun for a month! I plan to update this blog regularly during the month, including rants at stubborn characters, copies of my best and worst writing on a given day, and counts of how many friends I have left.

I can't wait for November... : D