Thursday, June 05, 2008

For Once, It's Stupid Pedestrians

WELL! Y'all should feel lucky that I'm willing to sit here and blog after the amazing and exciting day I've been having! (With perhaps more excitement to come!)

Item number one: My alarm was set for 7. When did I get up? 8:10. Not only did I have a doctor's appointment at 9:20, but I had to get my dad to work and go to an ATM first. And, of course, we got out of the house late.

Item number two: I hate that crosswalk, the one between the WILK and the law building parking lot. I mean, all the crosswalks on campus are things to be wary of, but this one is particularly bad. Here's a tip: If the red hand is flashing, don't start crossing unless you're doing it at a dead run. Today a girl started crossing when the hand had been flashing a few times, and was therefore only halfway across when the light turned green. I honked at her, at which point she looked up and started walking a little faster. I then hurried across before the guy who followed her across, despite the fact that hand had stoppedflashing, could get in front of my car. 'Kay, people, this isn't just annoying and selfish, this is flippin' dangerous. A few months ago, a little girl nearly got hit by a car because her mother unthinkingly followed some students who were crossing against the light.

Item number three: I had a doctor's appointment in Orem. What happens when bob leaves the safety and familiarity of Provo? That's right, class, she gets lost! Every blasted time! At least I was only 20 minutes late...

Item number four: I finally get to work, over two hours late and feeling like I'm about to throw up, and the fire alarm goes off! Actually, this was funny, especially since this was the second time it had happened that morning. I got to exchange a few words with my dad and... um... pace...

Item number five: There I was, sitting in my room having some quiet time, and I hear my sister Siri start screaming outside. I jumped up, put on shoes, and went outside. Poor dear got stung, and had to be carried inside, hushed, and told to hold some ice in a cloth over her finger. And then she fell asleep. : D

It wasn't really that bad of a day, actually. The crosswalk thing really upset me for a while, but 's all good. As long as it doesn't happen again.

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