Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Epic Bracelets at Market

I last worked on the bracelet in question at Saturday's market. Mondays I ship orders, you see, and so far today I haven't been able to get much done for various reasons. : (

I have finished the e in ethan, and started the c in charlotte.

Lena made a cute little piggy! (Not related to my bracelet, but it's cute, so I'm sure you'll forgive me.)

I hit the stopping point for the day; the c in charlotte is finished and the t in ethan has been started.

My dad's car stopped working on Thursday, so we had to use my mother's car. And we had to be picked up. So Lissi had to sit in the back among the flotsam of our book. She was nearly killed by a large table and had to sit in the car until I pulled several things away.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Epic Bracelet: Part One

I am undertaking a rather difficult bracelet, by far the most difficult one I have so much as thought of. A friend of mine commissioned it for her sister. Read on to see just how difficult this bracelet will be.

Here are my materials: seven skeins of white, four of pink, three of red, and three of green. Will I need it all? Probably not, but it's good to be prepared. Nothing like trying to finish a bracelet on a deadline only to find that you've run out of a specific color.

Here are a couple of terrible pictures trying to show my sketchbook - graphbook- whatever - where I have mapped out what has to get done in this bracelet. Yes, I do have to fit all three names in the large alphabet.

All of the currently needed threads cut and ready to go. So far I have used two skeins of red, two of pink, and I'm on my second skein of white. The green will come into play later.

One row done. I've made 31 knots so far. And now I must undo them, because I left out one pink string. : (

All correct now. 32 knots (I don't count the ones I have to unpick).

Three rows in and just under 100 knots. Also, fun facts: the biggest bracelet I have done, aside from this one, had 34 threads (one more than this bracelet) but was only 17 knots across (this one is 32 knots across).

And the stopping point for now. Not very much lengthwise, but I'm up to 224 knots.