Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come Home, Mommy!

This is Camryn.

She was being rather funny yesterday. That is, she was being funny in between bothering my brother's poor puppy (who will always be a puppy no matter how old he gets) and generally misbehaving.

It started at lunch. She had found a clip that we use to hold salad bags closed, and decided it was a phone. She sat next to me, sharing my cucumbers and carrots, and occasionally making phone calls.

"Hello, Mommy. Say hello to mommy!"

I said hello, adding that I was eating lunch and couldn't talk right now.

"She can't talk right now. But mommy, you need to come home now. Okay. Bye."

Cami put down the phone and informed me that mom was on her way home.

Several more phone calls were made, and they started to all sound the same; she changed "Mommy, you need to come home" to "Come home Mommy" and "Mommy, come home." Why is that change significant?

(Skip ahead to 0:44 if you don't want to watch the whole thing.)

Later she told my brother Dano that she was going to build a "zapinator" that would zap mom back to our house. Then mom would ask, "Cami, why am I here?" and Cami would say "I made a zapinator to zap you back home!" Then mom would say "Oh, how sweet! Why don't you come with me?"

This is Caiti. She's 2.

Around dinner, Ben took the kids for a walk with Perry (the aforementioned puppy). When Caiti came home, she came up to me, told me something about the walk, craned her neck to see what I was watching on my laptop, and said, "Whatcha doin'?"