Friday, May 13, 2011

Help! I Need Somebody

Well, my friends, it has happened. My laptop appears to have given up the ghost. It won't boot up, giving me only the Mac grey screen of death. Likely culprit is hard drive failure.

This laptop has done more than just provide me with hours of entertainment. I purchased it to use for school, and took notes, studied for tests, took tests, and played solitaire during particularly boring classes. And now that I am taking a break from school (I'm going back soon, I swear) it has become even more important. Turns out that having a computer is a key part of running an internet-based business, which is now not just what I do in my spare time but my full-time job.

My laptop has gone from a very useful time saver (and waster) to the foundation of my livelihood, and at least for now it is gone. I will take it in on Monday and will then learn if it is fixable, and if so, if it is worth fixing. Even if I choose to fix it I will need a new hard drive, a new battery, and work done on the disk drive. And if it's not fixable, I'll need to pay for what data can be saved to be transferred to a new laptop, which I will also have to pay for.

Here's where the help comes in. Even with how well the shop has been doing, purchasing or putting a down payment on a new laptop or even fixing the old one will be a serious strain on my finances. So please, if you can, spend a little. Go to our shop, Quiet Mischief and Company, chose an item or two or however many you want, and use the coupon code NEWLAPTOPFUND to get 15% off your entire order. (Please note that the coupon code does not include shipping, and is not valid for any bulk or wholesale listings. Any purchase made misusing the coupon code will be canceled.) I'll be eternally grateful, you'll get fantastic QM & Co. merchandise; it's a win-win. We're willing to do custom orders, so if nothing there exactly suits your fancy, convo or email to let us know what would.

Thanks for listening, everyone.