Monday, March 28, 2011

*peeks around corner*


Some people keep saying (or maybe just one person keeps saying, I'm not sure which) that I should update this blog more often. And even I admit that having a blog is a good idea for a person who
a) has a shop that could benefit from more traffic being directed to it
b) has many stories to tell
c) is a writer for crying out loud.

So I've come up with a few ideas that I want to work with and hope to have some actual content up soon. Meanwhile, here's some news:

I am currently waiting for a surprise in the mail that I will share with all of you when it comes.

I now have official work hours (whenever I'm not needed for something else) and an official work space (my bed, which, when all set up for work, I call my work cave.)

Caiti is now much better after having thrown up two or three times at or around three in the morning.

Yuki (our other cat, not this one) is plotting to kill us all and, in the mean time, expresses her hatred through glares and growls.

I'm going to be doing a stats post in early April, and it will be exciting!

And now excuse me so I may start my ten to twelve hour workday.