Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Am So Full Of Drugs It Is Not Even Funny

However, that does not mean that you are entitled to a loopy, half-asleep post. I may have four different allergy drugs and some pain reliever in my system, but I will prevail! And will my eyes please quit itching!

Today we talk about... siblings.

We talk about Caiti, who doesn't like to go to sleep when she could be fussing.

We talk about Siri, who is definitely getting into trouble on purpose today.

We talk about Boo, who tried to take a half hour bath/shower, using up all the hot water and forcing me to write this post while I wait for enough water for me to take a bath.

We talk about Bamboo 7, who has been mildly annoying when he's been around. Thankfully, he's decided to wander off.

We talk about Random, a.k.a. the girl I have not seen since I got home three hours ago.

We talk about Patsy, who is turning 16 tomorrow, and is quietly playing DS after heroically getting the fussy baby to go to sleep.

We talk about Draik, who is actually showing his I'm-not-really-a-jerk side, and is quietly playing EV Nova and helping me yell at Siri.

Yes, we talk about all these people, and remember that I love them, I love them, Ilovethemilovethemilovethem, even when they act like brats, even when they won't shut up, even when they mess-and-run, and especially when they suddenly act like the mature guys they are (in the case of my two oldest brothers).


Gotta run.


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