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Second Archive Post of the Day

Board Question 6961
Posted: July 29, 2004

From time to time, the Board Writers have found themselves defending Utah Mormons, often because one or more of them is/are one/some. Sometimes they are unwilling, as was Cognoscente in Board Question 43460 ("There goes all my rebel street cred"). However, unlike that question and many others along the same lines, #6961 is an understanding, rational, more-or-less unbiased review of Utah Mormons done by a Utah Mormon. Lovely Rita knows that some Utah Mormons need to get their act together, but she also knows that it is these few who are giving the rest a bad name, and on the whole, Utah Mormons are a good bunch, if a bit more conservative than usual.

I myself am a Utah Mormon, from Happy Valley (Provo), in fact. Yet I believe that I am not really part of the stereotype. This is probably largely due to the fact that while my father lived in Orem all his life, my mother was a Californian. We do take things like modest dress, swearing=bad, and other things for granted, but we don't eat Jell-O in excess, turn away from people drinking Coke, or snub people of other faiths. In fact, some of our good friends are from Christ Evangelical Church.

I like this question because, for once, a reader was writing in to show that they can be rational, write well, and have a well-based opinion. It sometimes seems that only the angry write in to the Board. Clear thinking is much appreciated, and as we know, angry people are not always wise.

Also, I must laugh with Eowyn at this sentence: " have to resort to chastising people for drinking caffeine-free Coke (for it is like unto regular Coke)."

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