Monday, October 06, 2008

Goals for 2008

I recently ran across a Word document where I had typed all the goals I wanted to accomplish this year, and was once again reminded that while a goal not written down is merely a wish, a goal written down and not looked at is merely forgotten.

There are, however, some that I can still achieve.

Win NaNoWriMo again - this is the only one that I couldn't have been working on and therefore I am guilt-free in this small area.

Get at least one short story off to publication - meaning I send in at least one story to at least one publisher. A pretty small order, actually. Should be possible in the three months I have left...

Finish fifth draft of War story (last year's NaNo) - Okay, actually, this one isn't really possible, I don't think. Considering I never finished a second draft... well, maybe I could change this one to finishing a second draft.

Have forty hymns memorized by the end of the year - I used to have 25 memorized. I've forgotten several verses here and there. It's probably possible to re-learn those and learn 15 more.

Write two completely original songs - hm. I forgot I wanted to try my hand at composing...

Everything else is either impossible (deadline already passed) or technically impossible (something I was supposed to be doing every day/week/year/semester all year). I suppose I could do them from now on.

Next year, I'll remember to actually look at my goals from time to time.

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