Friday, October 31, 2008

Hi Baby!

I never thought this would be something to make Caiti cry. Her being tired, yes. Her seeing mother walk past without picking her up, yes. Being picked up and nearly dropped by her four-year-old sister, yes. But not this.

She's bored right now, crinkling my rice crispy treat wrapper and talking at the door. But a little while ago, she was upset. Upset because I plugged in my laptop.

Why is this upsetting? She's lying right next to the cord, and discovered that, if she pulled on the cord, it would come away from the laptop and she could put the end in her mouth. I quickly put a stop to this. So she cried.

She cried because I took away the laptop cord. I still can't believe this.

And now, because I know you would all rather look at a picture of her than listen to me calmly wonder about her preferred entertainment:

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