Friday, July 03, 2009


"Prince and Paris, huh. You know, I think there should be a law against celebrities naming their own children. And Mormons too. Well, not that it should be illegal for them to name their own children, but that they should have to go through some sort of submission process."

"Yeah. And then we wouldn't end up with names like Renesmee."

"Oh... oh yes. Sweet Stephanie Meyer, what have you done to our culture?"

So on the way home from work, we were discussing what certain names would have been/would be if a Bella/SMeyer way of thinking were behind them.

Me, a girl: Marlene

Me, a boy: L'ray

My son: Freff, Alice (a surprising number of guy-name-mashups came out sounding like girl's names), Nalex, Alaniel

There were no interesting daughter names, sorry. We were using the names of guys I knew and it was possible for me to marry (ie, they're single and my age), and I only knew the name of one mother of one of these guys, and her name is the same as my mother's so that wasn't fun at all.

Also! We were at Wal-Mart and came upon a group of girls dressed in matching gold and red uniforms. Cami shrieked. The girls burst into laughter (meaning giggles; these are teenage girls we are talking about). As we continued on our way, for the next several minutes we could hear the story being retold (one girl would shriek, and the others would all start laughing) and we saw a couple of girls on the floor, they were so overcome with mirth. During the rest of our trip, any red-and-gold girls we saw anywhere in the store would burst into giggles. Fun times.

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Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Mine probably would be Glorfindel, Thalioncair, or Khibilkhaphur?