Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's New?

Here are some things that, if I weren't so lazy, would have gotten full post treatment when they happened. Now, I'm just going to do them in list format. You may not be entertained, but at least you'll be informed!

My parents spent last weekend in California for some sort of conference, leaving me in charge of everyone. When they came back, I handed out awards to my sibings:
Boo and Ty got the Complainers award
Siri and Boo got the Drove Me Up the Wall award
Boo got the Helpful award
Random and Dex got the Very Helpful I Owe You Lunch award

Random, Ty, and my mother are training to walk a marathon. I have yet to be able to do a half-hour workout three times a week.

My mother's leg muscles are intimidating.

Tucker has had his last kitten-visit to the vet. Not only has he had all of his shots, he is also now unable to procreate. Yay!

Tucker cried almost nonstop for the first few days after we got him. Then he seemed to entirely forget how to make noise - not a growl, mew, meow, or cry. He'd purr occasionally, but that was it. If he wanted food, he would stare at his dish and attack us as we came in. If he was lonely, he'd throw himself against the door. Now that he's been neutered, he's rediscovered his voice, and uses it to order playtime, food, and help.

Caiti walks! She still uses crawling as her main mode of moving, but her walking is good enough that she no longer looks like she'll fall over every time she takes a step. We went to the waterpark a few days ago, and she could even make her way across the grass with relative ease.

I have finally acquired the California address of Goober, my dear departed friend.

Random and I are working several hours a day preparing to have a booth at the Farmers Market.

I will be having a recital before I leave for Florida. You are all invited!

I plan to cut my hair really short before I go to Florida. How short? Well, I'm going to tell the stylist (my cousin who has done my hair before and has my trust) to cut it off as short as will look good.

If anyone wants to give me a gift, look for the game Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. I played it with some of my brother's friends on the Fourth, and I think it was great fun.

I had better get off now. I have bracelets to make, a room to clean, and voice lessons to prepare for.


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Killer Bunnies is a very fun game. My family has it actually.

When is your recital?

bobtheenchantedone said...

I don't know yet, actually. I have yet to make a day.

Naazju said...

If your hair is long enough in the first place, donate it to Locks of Love, or something, then have her style it in an awesome way. Good luck with that!