Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magnetic Poetry

"blue chocolate glass"

"they were able through water and blood through innocent song and wonderful bloom to believe the moon & buy the sky"

"our siamese steal always is heaven in velvet"

"though blues they are my wants never embrace it"

"a midnight kiss feeds my emotion we sing & have the world"

"she had a bowl of peace and light"

"I want to almost look"

"so thick after shadow so hard above days"

"sleek hiss I let her stalk"

"ever at home not sofa that guy of cool humor no jazz by which we lounge"

"your brother means life"

"their night can take two cigarettes"

"coolish lad hunts love"

"they marry neon yarn here"

"little shimmer across life"

"kind felines sit by this chap"

"sweet heart will dream & endure she has quiet power"

"you overwhelm me charm me you love my friend"

"silver word with easy love"

"enjoy the sacred goddess language"

"always one strong companion"

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