Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh Dear

There are two reasons why you should always pay lots of attention to a baby taking a bath.

The first, most important, and widely known reason is because babies drown rather easily, and that is a tragedy all would like to avoid. The other?

Our long-term houseguest, Goober, is moving to California with her family on Sunday, and her coworkers threw a party. She brought home half of the large sheet cake. I immediately sat down to eat some. Caiti was crying at me, so I offered her some as well. She quickly gobbled hers and asked for more. I told her how cute she was with the chocolate smeared on her face and gave her a rather large piece.

I asked Danny to be the one to wash her off - the large piece, understandably, had gotten all over her. I told him to put a bit of water in the tub, not too hot, and gently rinse her off. I didn't do it myself because I was in pain from recently adjusted braces and bit loopy from the numerous medications that are keeping my allergies at bay. I made sure he was in the bathroom keeping an eye on her, then settled on the couch with my book.

A while later, I asked Danny if he had washed her off. He said kinda, then said something to Caiti, something that frightened me to no end.

"Caiti, did you poop?"

I dashed to the bathroom.


Smeared all over the tub.


The tub was rinsed. Wipes were used. The tub was rinsed again. Soap was applied liberally to both tub and baby. Both were rinsed. Caiti was taken out, put in a towel, then put in the baby bath for a second wash.

Note to self: babies without diapers are liable to... leave droppings.

Edit: Also!!!! Caiti has been taking her first steps today!

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