Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Else Needs to Happen???

Teenagers. They're a despised class in pretty much every generation, even more so now. They're lazy. They dress funny. They have no values. They don't care about work or future. They hate their teachers and detest homework. They sit around on iPods and internet all day without a care in the world.

So when a bunch of them stand up, stand together, and protest budget cuts that will end in the firing of a whole bunch of teachers, what is the response of the administration?

“We appreciate the passion. We appreciate that they love their teachers. I think students will get behind any cause that impacts them, and I think that’s a good thing, but I just think that their efforts are a little misdirected. I think the best way they can show passion for their teachers is to be sitting in class. They need to be in class. They need to allow their parents and their teachers to fight this battle because that’s where it really lies.” - Melinda Colton, district spokeswoman

In other words, they got patted on the head and sent back to their rooms. No, don't fight this, kids. Leave it to the parents and teachers. Leave it to the adults. Leave it to the adults who probably fully support the actions of you kids. Leave it to the adults, because when layabout teenagers start protesting with shouts of "save our teachers!" you get a lot of attention and we'd really rather solve this our way.

You see, we want to raise taxes and yet make budget cuts. We administrators need to afford our nice suits when our teachers are taking second jobs. And, above all, we need to avoid doing this the obvious way. ("...a legislative committee voted down a proposal that would have equalized funding between the Canyons and Jordan school districts, created by a split last year. The measure would have helped fill a 30-million dollar budget deficit faced by the Jordan School District." - Barbara Smith, abc news)

This protest, which came to my attention by watching the news tonight, was only a reminder of an old source of anger. But I'll get into that tomorrow, and leave you with a link to the article I got my quotes from. Jordan high school students walk out in protest

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