Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Perhaps bob shall write a new post. About...

*going to Florida

*taking care of children

*trying to find a job

*trying to write a script

*trying to write period

*failing classes

*watching Pride and Prejudice like five times in a row

*Procrastinating very important papers

*eating lots of junk, ensuring that her weight will shoot back up

*being so out of shape that walking from the RB up to the Bookstore nearly killed her

*missing people she shouldn't miss

*being weirded out by how her brother and his girlfriend talk about their eventual marriage and children

*blinding people with a bright yellow dress that has feathers on it

*planning to have her first solo recital ever


Nah. This list is enough words to count as a post, right? Who needs piddly things like details?


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Report on Florida please. When are you headed down there?

wv: swork

Naazju said...

Mmm, Pride & Prejudice five times in a row . . .

The only thing more entertaining is finding five different versions of Pride & Prejudice and watching all of *those* in a row. :D

Jordan Jeaniece said...

yeah... Sometimes it weirds me out when Ben talks about things like that around other people.

bobtheenchantedone said...

Sam: I'll talk more about it another post.

Naazju: Funny thing. We have at least five different versions on DVD, and will eventually have a P&P party. : D

Jordan: It's just odd all around, isn't it? Not bad, just odd. (Especially since a year ago I still thought he was mostly an immature brat.)

Jordan Jeaniece said...

Haha! Yeah, not bad. Just weird.