Monday, September 07, 2009

Maybe I should start an Etsy store?

One of the frequent topics on this blog is me being sick. Stomach problems usually, with the occasional bad cold or allergy attack thrown in.

Now I'm in Florida, I seem to have left that all behind. I was able to stop taking all my prescription medications without any ill effects. In fact, the only hint of my old life I seem to have brought with me is the tendency to be rather weak when I haven't been eating regularly, and even that usually only popped up as momentary dizziness after getting off of a ride. I've been feeling absolutely great, sound in body and happy in mind.

Until, of course, I spent two days coughing my lungs out, finally went to the doctor, was diagnosed with what I like to call the Super Flu (H1N1 virus, swine flu, Influenza A... take your pick, I have more!).

Headache. Fever. Aches. Dizziness whenever I tried to get up. Inability to ingest anything other than juice (and that in copious quantities). Coughing that threatened to kill me. Being drenched in sweat every single time I woke up.

Now that I am on day 6 of being ill and day 4 of official respiratory isolation, things are finally starting to look up. I mean illness-wise. So I am able to fully realize that I am BORED. Bored bored bored. No human interaction! Well, okay, I can call people, but talking to my sister makes me fall asleep, my mother isn't feeling well and keeps have to run off to take care of children, and everyone else keeps going to work or something. And I have another two and a half days of this. And my internet has been really really sketchy.

I'm sure that I started this post with an idea in mind other than to complain, but I have completely forgotten it. I suppose you'll have to be happy with what I have here. : D


Naazju said...

Super Flu sounds like anything but. Hope that the respiratory isolation helps and you get unbored really fast. :/

bobtheenchantedone said...

Thanks, Naazju.