Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boy Are My Sides Sore!

So, the Wii Fit that my father ordered from the Bookstore ages and ages ago finally came. We promptly played it. A day and a half later, we have filled up all the available spots (8) and are competing to see who can remain number one after a full day's play.

My Wii age is 22 (I refuse to count today's, as I had some consistency troubles), only two years older than I actually am, which is pretty good. Or so they say. I would personally rather be my actual age, but whatever.

Yesterday was when we had our first problem with the Balance Board that came with: it needed a name! Robin, Keaton, Blue, Patsy, and I-don't-think-it-needs-a-name were rejected immediately. We tried Dirk Manly, hoping to have some laughs about the obviously manly name to go with a board that bounced around the screen and spoke in a high-pitched voice. However, it was just too odd. After playing around with Bob ("That's my name!") and other names that had two b's, we chose Webbi. We Balance Board. Or something.

So we step and we run and we ski and we pilot bubbles down rivers and we hit soccer balls and we do yoga and we (I) do (fail) push-ups and all sorts of fun. Oh, yeah, and the hula hoops, where I have a high score even though my body forgets how to hula halfway through and sort of flails about uselessly.

And that's why my sides are sore.

P.S. Siri has now wet the bed three nights in a row, mine twice and Random's once. What is up with this girl?

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