Wednesday, August 06, 2008

National Parks Monopoly

So, mates, I did indeed got to Mirror Lake last weekend. It was great fun.

Well. Um. Okay, most of us had fun.

We were determined to get out of the house by eleven A.M., and for once, it looked like we were going to accomplish this. I was out with my aunt Sue at about eleven, and my family was supposed to follow.

They didn't.

Sue got a call while I was in Taco Time getting some breakfast: the trailer, which we were borrowing from friends, had had its registration paid but the sticker hadn't been put on. Quite glad that it had be caught by us before we left instead of a cop on the road, Mother called the friends.

"Let me call my husband."

"He took it to work with him. We can get it in 45 minutes."

Something good came out of this delay: I remembered that my glasses were still at home.

Finally on the road, I surprised myself by actually carrying on a conversation with my aunt instead of reading all the way. The trip was uneventful, not counting when Father thought he heard something flapping around and when Sue and I noticed a brake light was out. We arrived at the ranger station to buy our tickets or whatever for the campsite. It is here that I notice a most wonderful, wonderful thing.

National Parks Monopoly.

I love Monopoly, mates, all different kinds of Monopoly. In fact, I don't really like the original; I want the interesting ones. My greatest regret when I visited Disneyland was that I bought Disney chess instead of Monopoly. I have an electronic Monopoly game. I love our Star Wars Monopoly. And now here was National Parks Monopoly staring me in the face!

Problem: I wasn't getting paid until the next day. And all of my money was in savings, with the idea that I wouldn't spend it.

So, my friends, I do not own National Parks Monopoly.


Later that day, we made it to the campsite, where I fell into my role: while everyone else set up camp, cooked, made beds, and whatnot, I watched Caiti and read. Then there was food. Then there was... FIRE!

And there were marshmallows, of course. LissAnne was employing her usual practice of catching them on fire so she could sing a quick "Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!" before blowing them out and eating them. Siri started copying her... but without one important step: she wasn't eating them.

"Siri, are you going to eat those, or just burn them?"

"Burn them."

Random the Pyro approves of this picture.


Tangerine said...

The house that I live in owns National Parks Monopoly.

Trogdor said...

Burninate the country side