Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Early Mornings

Someday, someday, I will finish talking about that vacation we took almost two weeks ago.

But for now, I want to talk about other stuff.

3 AM Tuesday

I got up. I needed to go to the bathroom, a direct result of downing two glasses of water right before going to bed.

This meant that all was going according to plan.

I crept to the door, noting the red lights on in the kitchen and living room. That meant my father had gotten up first, but no matter. The door was locked, so he probably wasn't outside.

But he was.

I joined him on the lawn, glasses slightly askew, folding my arms tightly for warmth. He spoke of constellations and falling meteors, then laughed about a sore neck and proceeded to the backyard. I followed.

We climbed onto the trampoline, carefully avoiding his books and papers. I grabbed the yellow afghan and wrapped it around me. Father turned on his red reading light and began looking through a book.

Around ten minutes and two meteors later, I proclaimed I was going to bed. I was, I admit, slightly disappointed. Blast those city lights. I decided that next time I was going to arrange a camping trip so I could actually see some of these meteors.

5 AM Tuesday

I woke again, first noting that Siri had climbed into bed with me, next noting that I was wet.


I was quickly as fully awake as I had been two hours ago. I flipped on a light and took stock. I wasn't just wet, I was soaked! I glared at the oblivious child in my bed, and the large wet spot around her, and quickly changed clothes. Then I went upstairs with my phone and crashed on the loveseat.

4 AM Wednesday.

I was awakened from a deep sleep under borrowed blankets (the girl soaked everything!) by someone pounding on the door. A moment later, I registered a long, loud sound, which I at first thought was a train. But it went on far too long. Siri woke up and asked me what it was. It wasn't until after the sound stopped that I realized there was another reason for Siri to be awake: I was wet.



We had asked her five times before she went to be wether she had gone to the bathroom! She hadn't had anything to drink! What happened?

I got up and changed, rather angrily, and found some clean underpants for the guilty one. As she changed, I stomped upstairs, where Father was wandering around and Mother was up feeding Caiti. There was also a very bright light out front.

"What happened?"

"The horn on the Astro was stuck on. A police officer came to tell us to turn it off."

Well, that was cool. I mean, in a way. But I quickly got over the coolness of it all and began to complain about my problem. My mother was strangely sympathetic, despite being up and taking care of the baby at four in the morning, and vacated the couch so I could have it as soon as I came back from the trailer with some more blankets. I made Siri go sleep with Random.

So. That's what I've been doing these days. Getting up early and getting mad at my sister for wetting the bed.

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