Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm rather sad that I didn't take pictures at that party last night, but then I still don't know where my camera cord is and my new one won't be coming until next week, so I wouldn't be able to put them up yesterday.

But there was a party yesterday, even if I have no pictures of it. (No, wait, I have maybe two pictures. And then there was that time I let Siri use my camera...)

This was probably our least boisterous party to date. Goober/Sexy Paper Snowflake and I arrived in remarkably high spirits, but sleep-deprived Fred did a good job of getting us all down and the party was past over by 10:00.

Don't worry, Fred, love you anyway. ; )

I also wasn't my favorite party because Siri was being a complete brat half of the time (at one point she was an extremely embarrassing brat...) and I rammed my pinkie toe into a chair at one point and, as such, have been hobbling around all day.

Final final tomorrow; hopefully my toe will feel better. And hopefully I'll get some studying done.



yellow m&m said...

I took pictures. I will post them...sometime. This year. Hopefully.

Natalia said...

I believe you were at the party. In fact, you came to my apartment so not only did I see you, I saw Siri, too. :)

bobtheenchantedone said...

Really, Natalia? Cool. Too bad I wasn't paying a blind bit of attention, so embarrassed I was by the fact that the girl had to go to the bathroom again.

Fredjikrang said...

It's true! :D

Natalia said...

I was the one on the far away couch that let you know you could go straight back but that there was probably visiting teaching going on in that area. :D

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