Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rock Band

Patsy, the non-singer of the family (can sing but doesn't, so doesn't have as much training as the rest of us): best at the mic.

Draik, bob, Random (aka the singers): good at everything but mic.

Best way to watch while not playing: lie on the floor under the TV and watch it upside down.

Only way to get Siri out of our hair: let her play drums every once and a while (and then redo the song) or turn of the mic or guitar and give it to her.

Cait: in the way.

Wrists: hurting.

Hilarity: ensues.


Natalia said...

I happen to love that this Christmas was the "Rock Band" Christmas. May you and your family rock hard. ;)

Fredjikrang said...

Indeed! And Rock Band is awesome. :D