Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Room Adventures, Part One: Stripping in the Basement

Goober hates it when my room is messy. Hates it. When she first said we would be cleaning my room together, I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me was that she meant it - I had taken it as a subtle hint that I should really clean my room.

Several months later, she was once again sure that we should clean my room - thoroughly.

Oh, I know the fridge there and the edge of the carroll look messy, but that wall is missing posters, papers, necklaces and the like hung from pins, my mirror, and a bookshelf that should be off to the right there.

That wall, obviously, still has its posters and junk. And there's another carroll. And Siri's chest of drawers. And bookshelves. And stuff hanging from the ceiling.

Have I told you about my ceiling yet?

This ceiling? Or lack thereof?

I am much in the habit of hanging things from it. It can be quite useful at times.

And there's my closet. And the scoring on the wallpaper that I did when I was ten or something.

I had to clean out my fridge before moving it.

Maybe I should clean out my fridge a little more often. (If you guessed that that's a chunk of cheese there, you win the prize!)

And things over here are vanishing too! And DUST!

Are you wondering where we're putting all this stuff?

In the boy's bathroom, meaning that we couldn't shut the door and were therefore forced to put up this makeshift door.

In the hallway in front of the door to the boy's room. (And no, I couldn't be bothered to turn these pictures properly. You try doing what I did today and then see how much you want to fiddle with images.)

In the family room, piled on top of junk that was already there.

In boxes in the family room.

Tomorrow I'll put up a picture of what the family room looks like right now. For the moment I'll leave you with one word: inaccessible.

Wow... it's all empty-like.

Ducks! Also, the age-old question: my room is the darkest in the house. I never get direct sunlight. So what idiot decided to paint and wallpaper in dark colors??

I think it's time for that dark wallpaper to go down.

All that stripping left me and Goober with appetites, and so we quit and feasted on festive New Year's Eve snacks.

What was I doing New Year's? Stripping in the basement.


Chou_Kuro said...

I love your last line! I seriously did laugh out loud. The ducks in the duck room are gone?! Wow, that's pretty amazing. And I very much understand the pain of dark basement rooms with lack of ceiling, although the beams are fun to hang things off of (including, at times, people). :) I love all the pictures, makes me definitely want to get down there at some point for belated Christmas!!

Fredjikrang said...

Looks like quite the project! Have fun! :D