Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Room Adventures, Part Three: Distracted by Shelving

Yesterday there was more than painting to do. School starts next week, and I had books to buy. First was a trip to the bank to get a new card and to make sure that the grant had been deposited (yay grant!), then to BYU to buy my one textbook and other supplies. Money spent on school: less than $200.

Then off to do some room-related errands!

The wallpaper store where we finally bought the paint. We'd realized that we needed to do more than one coat, and so needed more than one can, and since we were insisting on mistint paint we got a whitish color and a light green, assured that the green would mix in and be even lighter.

We couldn't find the exact primer we'd used at the wallpaper store, and we needed some more of that, so we headed off for Lowe's again. And here was where we were distracted.

Distracted by shelving.

I need shelves in my room, you see; I have much stuff, and I'll be down to one carroll by the end of this. So we got some shelves.

Apparently we were gone a bit too long. (Random and Siri had come along for the ride, but we'd left them in the car.)

And, well, despite how long we'd been out already, I was now remembering that I needed new rugs too. So it was off to WalMart!

Goober vetoed this rug. We eventually got some cream colored ones, and finally finally headed home. With chocolate. Blasted Valentine's Day sale...

We finished up the primer - there hadn't been much to do - and got out the green and white paint.

All marbleized and pretty before we mixed it together properly.

Now to paint!

We're something of a creative lot, so of course we can't just paint. Oh no. We had started playing back with the first coat of primer.

Goober's handprints.

I started this flower, but Goober finished it. I particularly like the little leaf.

This started out as a regular smiley face - just two lines for eyes, a line for a mouth, and a tongue. Then Goober kept going, adding hair, the rest of the head, a neck (I thought it was a goatee at first) and a shirt. I snapped the picture as soon as I had stopped laughing.

But Goober was not satisfied with it, and she continued even after I'd gotten the picture. She added so much that I really thought we'd be missing out if I didn't take another picture.

The white on the dark blue was really fun - it stood out a lot. But green on white was fun too. I was the first to draw something.

A something that blogger refuses to load. Rrrg. Well, stay tuned for part three and a half, I suppose.


bobtheenchantedone said...

In case anyone's wondering, I am wearing a name tag in those two pictures. It says "Bob."

Danica West said...
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Chillygator said...

When we painted our garage, my sister did an entire Lion King scene across the whole could see it for years, no matter how many coats we put over it (o: Now it's a new door.

Unit of Energy said...

We were never allowed to help paint. Because the one time that my mom decided that we would paint a bedroom it dripped and dried in ways that my dad had never seen before. And he used to see a lot of paint jobs, being a carpenter.

Danica West said...

I love the picture with the handprints! Sounds like fun, I can't imagine doing a major project like that with the little ones (especially with Cami) running about. You have skills. :)