Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Someday She'll Be A Star

Last night, mother, Siri and I were watching the American Idol auditions at my insistence. (I don't watch the actual show, just the auditions.) This put Siri and me into very singing moods, I as I did dishes during the commercials and she, well, all the time.

At one point she made this odd "Ahhh-ooo" or something sound, and then sang "Bow chicka bow bow" and did actions. I was quite amused and told her that she should do it again while I filmed her.

This is what she came up with.

If anyone knows how to get this video not-sideways, I'd be most grateful if you'd share that information with me.

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Danica West said...

I only watch the auditions too, and I think that a great deal of America follows us in this respect. There are actually only three people voting millions of times. :)

And the almost-youngest Howarth is as creative as the rest. As silly too. :) It sounded vaguely like the pokemon theme.

And sadly, I don't know how to turn videos. We'll all just have to watch her with our necks crooked out at an odd angle, making passersby wonder what the heck is wrong with us. Though there aren't many passersby in my livingroom.