Thursday, February 26, 2009


The first game, between Siri and myself, ended just as Goober came home. (I won.)

"Hey, Goober, want to play Monopoly with us?"

"Only if we play the fast way."

So we started a new game. I was the hat (with a rabbit inside), Siri was the moneybag (which bounced up and down), and Goober was the car (which honked and danced a little). And we started with all of the properties delt out, the 'fast way' that Goober spoke of. (I did mention that we were playing this on my computer, right?)

Ten minutes in, precious little had happened, just some trading to make monopolies and a bit of cash changing hands.

Half an hour in, Goober had discovered how easy it was to get Siri to agree to a trade.

45 minutes in, Siri had completely lost interest, and Goober had 'acquired' more of her properties than should be legal.

About an hour in, I quickly grabbed one of Siri's utilities. Goober had already taken the other, and I didn't want her to have both of them.

An hour and a half in, we had moved to the kitchen to eat dinner, and I was playing with Goober's hair and watching as she played for everyone. I was really ready for Goober to go bankrupt; she'd been on the verge for most of the game. When she finally landed on one my hotel-ed properties, however, she made a trade with Siri: all of Siri's money and properties in return for Goober's get out of jail free card.

That was where I started to loose it.

Soon after, Siri went bankrupt to me, which meant I got... a get out of jail free card. Nice. (Especially since we'd set a house rule that bail was $0.)

But I had high hopes for bankrupting Goober. I had four monopolies with hotels, including Boardwalk, and she rarely had over $500, if that.

But she kept... hanging... on...

Shortly after the two hour mark, Goober went bankrupt. Or should have. Instead, she gave me all her properties and I gave her several thousand dollars (I had around $20,000 at the time). I, watching more than playing, let her. I unmortgaged all the properties... and then she tried to take them all back. I quickly put an end to that, giving her one monopoly and the railroads and utilities.

It wasn't until near the three hour mark that we finally put the game away - not finished, just saved. This is the longest quick game I have ever seen.

And all you people who called me a cheater during NaNo? Yeah. You have not seen cheating until you watch Goober play Monopoly on my computer.

Also, I have more than an entire roll of toilet paper and my nose is getting very, very raw. Splurging on some lotion-y tissues is definitely in order.

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