Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three Things

One - Yes, My Tribe is still taking up all of my time. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of at least one tribe. Or putting it on pause, maybe?

Two - I really like this new TV show called Lie to Me. Quite soon after watching tonight's episode, I realized that, when I say a certain phrase that I know isn't true (but I say it at least twice a day anyway), I do the little mouth shrug and other things that would, to the astute watcher, show them that I was lying. Also, I really want to learn how to read people like they do on the show. It would be so cool.

Three - I'm reading Monstrous Regiment to my sister, and some of the characters say things like "Oh gods." I was sometimes saying that, sometimes replacing it, until Siri objected. So I started using "Bob" instead. This was hilarious, but after some debate it was decided that it sounded a little too similar. So we changed it to "Oh my Fred!"

Also, though I have My Tribe characters named after most of my friends, including real names and Board names (Fredjikrang was too long, though, so I had to go with Fredji), I have not been able to bring myself to name someone Bob, or even Robert.

Blast it, it's after 10 again. I should really get rid of one of those tribes.

Oh! Oh! One more thing! Are any of you who live in Provo free this Saturday from 6:00 AM to sometime in the late afternoon? You see, my friend Marnee really really needs judges for speech and debate - she has to bring at least 15 or so or her kids can't participate - and so far she has her husband, me, and Goober. And probably a couple of parents. There should be free food! And I might be able to convince my parents to let me take the car, so we could leave early and listen to my iPod there are back (and probably get lost four or five times...)! And if I had any money I would buy us lunch but I don't so um I'll give you a hug maybe? Or write a blog post singing your praises? And Marnee would love you.


yellow m&m said...

Um, I am free this saturday. 6 AM seems awfuly early though. Let me think on this. Would we meet at 6 AM? Where? Can you pick me up, or is it too far away for you? (email me if it's too many questions. supershorty at gmail dot com)

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

I already have plans that morning, so I do apologize. I can come by around 4 if that helps.

Fredjikrang said...

So, I'm both a curse word and a character in a video game? Interesting. . . :D

And I wish I could help, but I already have too much going on on Saturday. Sorry! :(

bobtheenchantedone said...

Thanks m&m!

Yes, Fredji, you are. And it's already gotten to the point where Siri corrects us - she wants us to say "Oh my Fred!" My dad thinks it's hilarious.

Too bad you guys can't come. It's going to be awesome and you'll just miss out. ; D

Unit of Energy said...

I wish I could have, but I need to pay rent so I went to work. But if any debates need judges on days I don't have to work I'm totally there.