Tuesday, February 10, 2009


"Hi dad! I just wanted to tell you - I know you and mom weren't worried about it, but by the time I got out of the neighborhood I was - that I did not get into any accidents and I did not loose control of the car. I probably should have taken your car. I'll try to get home within half an hour when my class is over. At least now I can be confident in my driving-in-the-snow skills."


Naazju said...

I slid twice this morning.

I just don't tell my parents anymore because it worried my mom and they're not close enough to be able to help.

Best of luck getting home safely!

bobtheenchantedone said...

I slid at pretty much every stop sign and turn. As long as no one gets hurt, my dad just calls it 'gaining experience.' : D

And I did get home, easily even. Thank heavens for snowplows.