Monday, May 17, 2010

Market Adventures: Week One

May 15th
Week One

The good news: we made more than any week last year.
The bad news: that’s only about $27.

But I still feel optimistic. Want to know why? I hope you want to know why, because I’m going to tell you. I mean, you don’t have to read it all, but why wouldn’t you? We all know that I am a wonderful writer and hold you entranced. Yep. I’m going to go with that.

Item number one: our set up.
I’ve been reading up on good stuff to do for markets and shows, and though I do ponder all advice, I don’t always follow it. One thing I didn’t follow was that it was strongly suggested that the table with merchandise be completely in view of the passers-by. I rejected this because I didn’t want the table to be between me and potential customers. However, after most of the day and most of the Market-goers simply passing by, I moved the table to the suggested position. We didn’t get any more sales, but we did get a lot more people actually stopping to look at stuff instead of walking by with only a glance.

Item number two: our neighbors.
There were several problems with them. They were too darn nice, for one. Also, they both had the set up I at first opposed. Also, they both had interesting items (one was chainmail jewelry, the other hair accessories in an uber-popular style) while our most visible items were our simple wish bracelets. Sigh.

Item number three: timing.
The morning was chilly. It was the wrong kind of first day, i.e. the first day where everyone doesn’t even know about or forgets it rather than the first day where everyone lines up to see.

Item number four: displays.
Yeah, I need something better than fabric wrapped around cardboard boxes. One of our neighbors had this gorgeous set up with vintage picture frames with fabric inside so they could pin products to it, and lovely trays for rings, and all sorts of stuff. : P

Item number five: personality.
We… usually… said hi to people to who passed, and sometimes even asked them how they were doing. I need something better. Lissi, who is usually so outgoing, kept her head bent over her work and relied on me to call out first so she could look up and say something too.

Well, I figure that’s enough to work on for one week, especially since I do have more merchandise to make and I need to quit ignoring my Etsy shop. Sheesh!

But I’ll say it again: I’d rather do this than work for someone else.


cspokey said...

Yay! And one day I'll be able to come and spend the day with you. Although you might have to give me a early do you go?

Marduk, slayer of Tiamat said...

I have one more thing for you to work on.

Item number six: remember everything the first time.

bobtheenchantedone said...

We get there at eight. I'd like to get there earlier, but as a crafter, we're only allowed to start showing up at eight. Unless, I suppose, no one else is showing up. Then I guess we can use the spots the farmers and fooders should be using. Yeah.

: P to you, Duckie.

cspokey said...

That's not too early. If I call you Friday will you answer your phone? ;P

bobtheenchantedone said...

Probably! I'm trying to remember to keep it with me.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Did you ever find your cat that some neighbor girl took?

bobtheenchantedone said...