Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's Adventures with Food

-Siri poured herself a full cup of juice, drank three mouthfuls, and dumped the rest of it in the sink.

-Why am I eating Pop Tarts for breakfast when my sister asks for them by saying, "Cookie, please"?

-Lunch? What's lunch?

-Oh, fine, maybe I'll eat something. And by "something" I mean "two helpings of potatoes when I should have eaten only one, followed by enough cookies to make me sick."

-Siri poured herself a cup of ranch for her veggies, then put the (full) cup in the sink and stole dad's.

-Small spoon + large spaghetti sauce jar = wow, I'm not going to dig that spoon out. Good job, Ty.

-Siri nearly dumped the entire can of spaghetti sauce onto the floor. Both Ben and Ty had to help her.

-When no one was watching, Siri opened the 'spoon' side of the parmesan cheese and dumped a good half cup onto her spaghetti. We put the large chunk back in, and then dad shook the excess cheese onto his and Boo's spaghetti.

-Ty dropped the second spaghetti spoon into the sauce.

-Apparently really really old chocolate milk turns white when frozen.

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