Monday, May 31, 2010

Market Adventures: Week Three

May 29
Week Three

Hooray for mild success! We sold over $30 today. Nowhere near what I would like it to be, but better than we have done before.

We owe much of it to Lissi. Her duct tape rings were the most popular item on the table, at least as far as actual purchasing goes.

The item that got the most views was the duct tape tie.

We have a couple of ideas why the tie didn't sell: there was only one, and, while cool, people didn't seem to realize it was wearable. We're going to fix this by having several next week, and having at least one of them that is actually tied for people to see and try on. We will not, however, lower the price, which is what a fellow vendor snottily suggested. *angry face*

Our setup overall looked better than last week. I'm constantly learning and changing things. I only wish we could afford real displays instead of cobbling them together with fabric and boxes.

I'm excited for next week, as usual, and hope that things will continue to get better. I'm sure they will, in fact, especially if I can get Lissi to stop looking for monologues and start making more duct tape items.

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Mark said...

Love the tie! I think I could amuse myself with a case of duct tape for about a week. :)