Thursday, February 21, 2008

Invisible Car/Stupid Drivers, Part One

To the tune of Madonna's 'Material Girl'

Some cars hate us, some berate us, I think they’re okay
They’re just people who act like jerks when we drive the proper way.
But I hate it when we’re at the roundabout or stop sign,
And other cars just pull ahead and think that they are fine.

‘Cause we are driving in our invisible car,
It's red and silver and a land barge
You know that we are driving in our invisible car
No one sees us, even though we are large.

We always know if right-of-way falls to them or to us
We stop and wait, or turn or go, without the smallest fuss
But we know we must always look for others in our way
We brake and honk, they turn and look, with surprise on their face.

Yes, we are driving in our invisible car
These incidents are becoming bizarre
Hey, I know that we are driving in our invisible car
But we’re a nine-seat suburban, for crying out loud!

So if you see our suburban please stay out of our way
Although with our track record you won’t see us any day.
Still, keep your eyes wide open and if we honk at you,
Don’t flip us off or look surprised – or we’ll take it as our cue.

‘Cause we have never killed with our invisible car
But our breaking point can’t be very far
Yes, we might run over you with our invisible car
And you’ll never know where we are.

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