Friday, February 29, 2008

Of Magic Cookie Dough and a Sick Toddler

So. Gluten free sugar cookie dough is magical.

No, really, it is. Dear Darling Mom made some cookie dough on the December 24, and she made cookies out of it last night. The dough wasn't even dry, despite the two months that had passed. That is some magic cookie dough. And tasty cookies. Yum. And then there was some minstreling going on over here, and there was a walk with Random, and some talking over my novel and making stuff better.

And then there was tonight. After having a great conversation with Heathen, I headed home. As I got out of the car, Random came bounding out of the house. "[bobtheenchantedone]!"


"[Siri] threw up!"

"Oh, great. Do I have to clean it up?"

Turns out Dear Dad took care of the barf, but I had to take care of Siri. Who cried for about the next hour, before she could finally fall asleep. And then she woke up just as vibrant, happy, and loud as usual. And she has a new topic to talk about: "I'm not going to throw up!"

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