Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Last Will and Testament

Since I am quite obviously dying of this cold, I am making out my will.

My books go to MP, except for the Redwall books, which go to Random.

My scooter goes to The Guy, though he may not ride it until after he gets his driver's license and proves he can afford the gas (yes, he is in the situation where $5 a week can break him. Get a flippin' job!).

My music books go to Random.

My bed goes to Siri. It's where she sleeps anyway.

My space heater goes to my sisters Siri, Boo, and Random.

My little writing projects go to MP. I'm sure she'll enjoy reading them, unlike some people I could name.

My laptop goes to Patsy McCoopington, as long as he shares it with Random during NaNoWriMo.

My DVD's go to Dear Darling Mom and Dear Dad. Except for Hairspray and Ice Princess, which go to Siri.

My cat goes to Random.

My savings account (such as it is) will be used for my funeral.

My pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, paper, and stickers go to Random.

My (about) 20 foot scarf goes to Goober. I think she'll like it.

The posters on my walls go to Random and Boo.

My gluten-free baking things go to Amazing Cousin.

My travel guitar goes to Random. Oh, and Dear Dad.

I suppose that since The Guy is the next oldest, he may have my room.

My clothes can either be given to Random or be sold in a yard sale to raise money for my funeral.

Please throw out my paperbox.

All other items will either be sold or donated to DI.

Now please, my friends, remember me, but do it with happiness. Let there not be crying at my funeral, but rejoicing. Remember that I have gone on to a better place, a place that has no runny noses, or sneezes, or streaming eyes, or headaches, or hunger when you're too sick to eat, or cold medication that apparently doesn't work, or tissues with extra wood chips and bark, or blasted allergies that affect my flippin' immune system, or

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