Thursday, March 06, 2008

"I got better."

Forgive me for dying abruptly in the middle of a sentence last post. I'm better now.

I'm not just better. I'm great.

Know why?


No, really, this is so important. Normally, I am the kind of person who bursts into song whenever a song pops into my head, often employing various parts of my three-octave range. When I get a cold, not only am I sick for at least a week, I also lose most of my range. I feel so... caged... when I can't burst into song, sing properly in choir, or volunteer to sing Emily Dickenson poems to the tune of The Yellow Rose of Texas.

But now I can sing again, so the world is once again in balance. Runny nose, cough, headache... who cares about those things when I can sing?

Oh, and my hair is curly today. It's really pretty.

Everything is just going right.

Maybe next post I'll get all philosophical/angry about something of interest to more than me and my close friends.

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