Sunday, February 17, 2008

What was that?

Today there was an incident while I was at ward prayer.

My good friend MP and I socialized for the minimum amount of time ("We talked to three people! We socialized! We're good!") and then escaped to the chapel to work on songs for a CD I'm going to be recording. After a goodly amount of time, we were joined by the guy who takes care of the building, VP. Later MK showed up too. Through it all, MP kept playing the piano and I kept singing. We gradually learned that everyone else had left; however, VP said we could stay and practice. So we did. I was starting the second verse of Sing Praise to Him when we heard it.


All noise and movement of the four of us ceased for a few seconds as we stared at the part of the chapel the noise had come from. It had sounded like a person - or a car, even - hitting the wall of the church. Then MK turned to VP and said, "We'd better check that out." They went to the door and looked out, didn't see anything, and began a check of the entire church. MP and I continued practicing, albeit rather nervously. At one point we discussed the fact that the guys had been gone for five minutes and we weren't particularly inclined to go after them. Finally, after much worrying on the part of MP and myself, the guys returned and informed us that they couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. However, we did not feel much like practicing anymore. After a bit of a conversation, MP and I said goodnight and went out to MP's car.

We drove to my house, where we prepared to have a conversation about something that happened to me recently (see the Update post for Feb 14th). Before I could say much, however, my brother The Guy came running out the door, closely followed by my sister Random.

"Did you feel that too?"

"Wait! What? That boom?"

"Yeah! It was this explosion over in Springville!"

"Oh, so that's what it was!"

"Yeah! I'm looking it up on the news!"

The Guy was quite excited about the whole thing and ran back inside for an update. MP and I talked about it a bit, and called VP so he would know what had happened.

'Twas rather scary, to admit it. That was some explosion.

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