Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The First Archive Post of the Day

Board Question 6629
Posted: July 7, 2004

This question is a response by the person who submitted Board Question 6652, a question directed toward the female Board Writers, assuming that most of them were not very popular as far as dating went, and asking why they were bashing on the pretty girls. He was, of course, met with some rather snarky answers.

Back to 6629, where Ninja4Hire gets even more upset. There was a little bit to be upset over, as far as I could see: in the previous question, Ninja4Hire had signed as someone else and not his usual 'nym, and yet Irreverent had called him by his usual 'nym. However, on the rest of it, I was siding with the Writers. Ninja was angry because the writers seemed to be making assumptions, and the Writers were a little put out because Ninja was making assumptions. Toasteroven responds in his usual open way, and Eowyn insists that she's lived with girls such as these, so she knows they exist and isn't just repeating a stereotype.

Well, that was boring. I should get better at this as time goes on. Now for the reason I chose this question.

"Latro would laugh his petunias off at THAT one." -Toasteroven

If that doesn't make you laugh, there is something wrong with you.

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