Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Sisters Are Odd

Remember my sisters from a few posts ago? The cute one and the odd one? Yeah, they're both odd.

First of, there's Miss Siri. Her favorite movies have always, with a couple of interesting exceptions, been musicals and the like. When she's sad, or sick, or tired yet unable to go to sleep, we just pop in Enchanted or Music Man or Hairspray or Hello Dolly and she's fine/out like a light. Or we do one of the exceptions, Ice Princess, or, I kid you not, the six-hour Pride and Prejudice. She asked for it just this week when she was staying home from school sick. Today I cheated a bit by putting in the pink P&P, or, in other words, the "Mormon one."

And then there's Caiti. We had already established the fact that she hated her swing, which was a shame, since mom bought it for her. We kept trying, though, usually letting her cry for about 30 seconds before stopping the swing and taking her out. Today, Mother was determined to try the swing again. This time Caiti didn't cry right off, but as the swing played Fur Elise and gently swung her back and forth, she put on her betrayed face and thought about crying. Mother changed the song the swing was playing. Caiti looked more betrayed and closer to tears. Mother changed the music to sound, the (obviously fake) sound of a stream and birds. Caiti was asleep within two minutes.

NO KIDDING. She dropped off, just like that. When I tried to turn off the white noise so I could play music, she immediately woke up, so I turned it back on. Later, I compromised by turning her white noise down so I could hear my music.

Mother and Dad came home and did some stuff, and all was dandy. Then Caiti fell asleep and Mother and Dad ran off to BYU to get some prints of Caiti pictures. Not five minutes after they left, Caiti was left unattended (meaning Random was in the same room but not looking at her, not that we left her all by herself or anything) in the presence of dear Siri. Pretty soon I had a tired, slightly affronted Caiti on my hands.

What to do? I bounced her, I walked her, I put her down, I picked her up, I tried her plug several times, I tried every holding position I could think of, I even changed her diaper, and all I got was various intensities of crying. Finally, tired of it all, I put her in her swing. She cried and cried... until I turned on the noise of the stream and birds. It had been set on a different noise when I put her in, and it took me a minute to notice this, but as soon as I changed it, she stopped crying. She is now asleep again.

What is this?

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Sam said...

It means your sister is going to be either an environmentalist, or a tree hugging hippie.
Just don't ever build her a tree house because she'll want to sleep there all the time