Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh EFY, I Hardly Knew Ye

No, really, that's true. This is my second year being on BYU campus a lot of the time during spring/summer, and I still haven't been inconvenienced, or annoyed, or driven to the point of insanity. Yeah, there are a lot of younger kids on campus, but I'm more interested in watching them than cursing them.

Of course, this might be due to the fact that I never was in EFY, so have no embarrassing memories that resurface when EFY season starts. Also, I work in the Bookstore, a place that doesn't seem to be frequented by these hordes of young 'uns.

Mmm. Lunchmeat.

And then there's the fact (there are a lot of facts) that I am much more likely to laugh things off than most people. EFY students in my path? I take a detour, using the extra time to watch them for character ideas. Loud EFY lunch-eating? I try to recognize the songs and eavesdrop on the conversations.

What? My food is almost gone, yet I'm still hungry? I am so not walking all the way from the HFAC back to the Bookstore so I can get some more food. Deal with it, stomach!


yellow m&m said...

I did go to EFY. And I enjoyed it. I didn't think I was that annoying. Of course, now that I deal with annoying teenagers a lot at my job, I've learned that we were probably worse that I thought, and that some people can be annoying without even meaning too. These are mainly teenagers, whom I wish I could just throw ice cream at them. That would make me happy. : D

lauren said...

Was that lunchmeat bit supposed to be dirty or something? Were you calling the "young 'uns" lunchmeat? I don't get it.

bobtheenchantedone said...

No, that was just me talking about the lunch I was eating while typing my blog.