Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Did That Get There?

Today, as I put a band-aid on my finger, I started thinking about all the weird ways I have been hurt. There have been quite a few.

There was today's, for example: I cut my finger on my laptop. Yes, on my laptop. Ask Hobbes if you don't believe me. Or my parents. Supposing you don't know any of these people, you'll have to take my word for it.

Not too long ago I ripped my finger open on my braces. It was a rather deep cut.

A few years ago I created a hole in the roof of my mouth. I had been playing with one of those plastic sticks with the propeller on top, you know, the toys that you spin between your hands and release and it flies and stuff... yeah. Anyway, I had the end in my mouth (bad idea), and somehow it was jerked backward. I never went to the doctor for it, but my mom kept checking it, and I ate soup, ice cream, popsicles, and the like for a while.

I have a small dent on the top of my nose. It was created when my cousin knocked a Pringles can off the computer, aiming for her sister. She hit my glasses instead, and the bridge cut into my nose. There was a lot of blood.

I once stepped on a toothpick that my sister had left on the floor. It was vertical rather than horizontal, and the tip broke off, leaving about a fourth of an inch in my foot. My mother had to sterilize a needle and cut through my skin to remove the toothpick, and I had to keep it clean and nice for a while. This was long enough ago that all my friends crowded around to see my wound and ooo and ah, as many elementary school children are wont to do.

Then there was the time I acquired a pretty good bruise by dropping a bottle of carmel on my foot. It was full and landed on an edge, and was so painful I couldn't put on shoes the next day and therefore couldn't go to school.

Hmm... I can't think of any more. It's something of an interesting topic, though. I mean, everyone loves to gather around and discuss gory wounds and all, but I think it's more fun to think about little things that were caused by odd circumstances. Many people have broken bones and things while climbing trees and fences and using trampolines and what have you, but how many can boast a cut from glasses impacted by a Pringles can, a bite on the neck from a crazy 'vampire' cat, or a broken thumb from being kicked in the butt? (Okay, that last one didn't really happen. I mean, his thumb wasn't really broken.)

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