Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Am Calm

WHOOOOOOOOOOO! Finals are over! I had over six hours of testing today, and I survived!

And now I'm doing all sorts of weird things, like bouncing off of walls and jumping up and down and dancing and flirting with people and smiling all the time and talkingreallyfast and not going to bed even though I need to get up with my family at six tomorrow!

And my scooter is fixed! YAY! I can finally ride it again as soon as we recharge the battery! And this summer I promise to take care of it and get a license (whoa did I say that last bit out loud?)

Friends, thank you for your concern. I will return to normal eventually.

Maybe. I kinda like being all cheerful and energetic like this.

So, people that know me, people that sorta know me, people that met me once, people who have talked to me online and never met me, and people who have no idea, really, who I am: should I go back to my shy, quiet, self, or embrace the exuberant me who likes to flirt and dance even though I know I look silly sometimes?

Boy, the way I wrote that question makes it sound biased.

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Goober said...

What the heck! when are you going to write another blog post?