Thursday, April 03, 2008

Why People Get Songs Stuck in Their Heads

I have a theory about this. And it involves one of my favorite non-existent things; magic.

You see, ages and ages ago, humans were able to use magic. They were born with it, and controlled it through music, mostly singing. However, for one reason or another, the true use of music was forgotten, and the unused magic gradually faded. This magical age faded in memory.

But wait! Human bodies couldn't completely get rid of this magic, though now it is so faded that almost no one can consciously access it. Only the subconscious can access this tiny bit of magic, and still only through music. When someone gets a song stuck in werf's head, what werf doesn't know is that werf's subconscious is using magic to save werf from some sort of danger or mishap.

Yeah. That's my theory. I wonder if I can write that into a story somehow...

In other news, I have one whole page of my script written, putting me behind both Random (5 pages) and my odd cousin (19 pages, I think). I need to get on top of things!

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