Sunday, April 20, 2008

No One Wants To Know What I Think

No, this isn't some totally emo no-one-understands-me post or anything like that. No, this is post about the truth. Cold, hard truth.

Before I start, I want to apologize for not posting about my sister (who, shoot, just woke up) (okay, she's gone back to sleep now). I'm waiting until I can get some pictures. I only have one, and it's not very good. My parents have all the good ones.

Now for the truth.

Something bob hates: being sick. Especially when it isn't her fault.

Something bob likes: having time to write whatever she wants, even stupid stupid stuff that she will never show to anyone.

Something bob is afraid of: people.

Something bob loves: tiny baby sisters.

Something bob hates: Mr. Collins.

Something bob likes: friends.

Something bob is afraid of: spending money when she isn't earning any.

Something bob loves: ice cream.

Okay, no matter how beautiful the truth is, it can get old real fast. I'll cut that out. Maybe I should go study...

Something bob hates: doing badly on exams that she had plenty of time to study for but didn't.

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