Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Diviiiiiine Comedyyyyyyy!!!!

(Once There Was a Snowman)

Once there were some cougars, cougars, cougars
Once there were some cougars
Rise and shout

(Chorus of Miley Cyrus's See You Again)

Come on, let's rise and shout
Oh how our cheers will ring out
As we're unfolding our vict'ry story!
And on, on, on we'll go
We'll vanquish every foe
For Alma Mater's sons and daughters.
In cougs our faith is strong
And we will join in song
Colors high in the blue
Oh we can't wait to beat you again.

(Chorus of Breakfast at Tiffany's)

And I said, what about BYU football?
She said, I've been to one or two games
Oh yes, I recall we sang the cougar Fight Song
And I said, isn't that song just great?

(Me to You by the Beatles)

We are on the trail to fame
We'll join in song for you
Our cheers will ring while our colors are high
We're fans in white and blue

(Chorus of Love Song by Sara Bareilles)

And we're going to sing you a fight song
And we're cheering you
'Cause you're winning, you see

(Banana Boat Song)

First down! Me say first down!
Cougars run down the football field
Ten yards, five yards, and touchdown!

(After a moment of fumbling, a BYU keychain is pulled out. A moment later, the Fight Song comes out of it, rather tinnily.)

We hope that this is the audition that gets me in.

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