Sunday, September 07, 2008


Where do you live?

Only people I like get that information, and I'm not sure I like you.

Do you like Jeeps?

Well, I suppose. They're a little difficult to get into, but I've heard I'm rather good at getting into them. I've heard. (subject shrugs)

What color?

Red. You know, there are days when everything is red. Everything, everyone. Except me. I'm gold.

You're gold?

Aye. Rather pretty, isn't it? It actually belongs to my friend. Though she hates it when I say that. I don't understand why.

Is it true you have food allergies?

Well, aye. Kinda. I mean, it's an intolerance actually. Or so the doctor says. Which is why I don't die when I eat the stuff. But I check anyway. That's why I read the ingredients on the box of cornflakes. I have to be careful. Or so I tell myself. And that's why I eat my hamburgers with lettuce. (subject shakes her head) Though I still can't believe the put the bacon on top of the lettuce...

I heard you hate Goonies.

Oh aye. And I don't know why, so don't ask, mate. I just do. I'd take a musical any day.

How do you feel about sprinklers?

(subject laughs) They're forgiven. They're forgiven. Though they're lucky I'm fast.

What about silence?

What about it?

How do you feel about it?

Most of the time it's awkward, and then I hate it. However, sometimes it's all right. Though I suppose I really should talk anyway... I wonder... (subject ponders for a while, and doesn't pay attention until her name has been said three times)

Have you had any fun recently?

That was a lot of fun... the most fun I've had on an outing like that probably ever. I mean, I don't have much of a track record to compare it too, but that's still something. Much is to be said about a lack of awkwardness.

Would you do it again?

Would I ever. (subject smiles)

(end of interview)

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