Tuesday, September 02, 2008


As first days go, I suppose it wasn't too bad.

I did have to wear a jacket and a sweatshirt to school, and I was still cold, but it is fall, sortofnotreally. Even if I don't remember it ever being this cold this early before. (And wasn't there supposed to be global warming or something going on?)

And then there is, again, my wonderful talent for getting classes that are right after each other and on opposite ends of campus. Going from the Bookstore to the JSB to the JKB isn't too bad, though, especially compared to last semester's mad dash from the HFAC to the Maeser Building. Or my father's "I had to run from class to the basement of the HFAC to get my instrument, and then I had to run from there all the way to the practice field. In only ten minutes!"

I didn't even get very lost. I did mark down my schedule correctly, causing me to be in the right room but on the wrong day, and I did have to wander around the HFAC for ten minutes before I found my acting class, but that's better than the time I was fifteen minutes late because I didn't realize my class was actually a level above me.

Nah, not too bad. Even when I count how much homework I have. I mean, it could be worse. I could have had to give up my life savings for tuition instead of spending grant money on it. I could have had to pay full tuition, using all my grant money. : ( I could have had to use my summer's savings on books (like that nice girl in my religion class) instead of, again, using grant money. I could have had to beg my parents for money for school supplies instead of three-guesses-what-goes-here-and-the-first-two-don't-count. And it's very nice that I had enough money left over to put $100 on my phone, $50 on my student ID, pay off my braces, spend $200 on fun books last Saturday, and buy an iPod.

Maybe I should stop now before someone shoots me.

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